~ Agusan del Sur

Agusan del Sur..

Journey to the Land of Opportunity

Travel for educational, leisure or  a simple vacation tour this site somehow  can provide a more practical details of what Agusanons have and this province has to offer... read on!


marian said...

hi, Agusan is such a wonderful place to go to. I have spent almost a year going back and forth Agusan (Bunawan) for my thesis in Agusan Marsh and it seems that I cannot forget the place even if I have been there 10 years ago already. I would love to go back to Agusan and visit Gibong River and Bega Falls. Unfortunately, while some people are scurrying off to go to different places in the Philippines, the tourism industry in Agusan is still not as developed as with other places in the country. Ang daming magagandang lugar sa Agusan na pwedeng puntahan.

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